DNA™ Custom Paints - Black Chrome

At DNA® they feel they were born to create and customize almost anything. If something can be modified, customized, restored or just made to look amazing and turn a few heads, they want to be there! If they can’t be there they at least like to be part of it by manufacturing a huge range of cutting edge custom paints and special effect products that allow you to customize whatever you like!

Driven by superior quality control and high technical standards. DNA® paints are full of life, color and creativity.

DNA® paints are more alive, vibrant and easier to use because they have modified the DNA structure to make them stand out, be different and be noticed! Just like everyone has different DNA, they like to think every DNA® custom painted project has its own unique DNA strand of individuality!

DNA® paints are not limited only to automotive applications. DNA® paints also have many applications such as aviation, airbrush, architectural and industrial. They can also be applied to almost any surface that can be painted including plastics, glass, plaster, canvas, metals, wood and many more. The only restriction is your imagination.

DNA™ Mutant CrystalZ™ - on Custom bike

DNA® is a market leader in the development and manufacturing of exciting specialist paints and coatings. They ensure that all products manufactured exceed market expectations and are made using only the highest quality pigments, dyes and resins available.

Company Culture
DNA's® company culture incorporates a very strong commitment to quality control and a continual development and improvement of all products. It is through this continual commitment to improvement that new and improved products, colours and ideas are born and released to the market.

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