Elevate is a services program that provides our customers value added and measurable business progression advantages.


In today’s business environment, the industry sectors we operate in are changing rapidly, and with these changes we collectively as business operators also need to change.


Elevate is a services program provided by DBNZ in-conjunction with our distributor network specifically for our customers.


Some examples of those services will be business and management consultancy, paint shop process and procedures, staff training, etc, with services being provided by the DBNZ team and a range of professional



We will be hold regular elevate seminars that will feature special guests, industry speakers, and interactive discussions designed to help you and your business.


Elevate business services focus on: business consulting, staff training, process & productivity training, financial analysis, benchmarking,, technology & innovation, virtual office administration,, health & safety, workshop layout design, workshop compliance, HR & recruitment (including immigration), succession planning, and more…..


Please contact us for more information on the Elevate program.

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